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We go beyond providing guidance and experiences to our mentees. Our mission is to empower them to not only succeed in their careers but also to discover their true passions and become leaders in their chosen fields.

About SevenHills Academy

Empowering Youth,
Building Futures

SevenHills Academy was established with the dreams of today’s experts, who do not know what they cannot do when they graduate, try to learn something with determination, and discover what they have learned through trial and error.

We are committed to empowering and supporting the professional growth and development of aspiring individuals. Our focus is on equipping them with the essential tools and guidance needed to excel in the career of our youth. Through our comprehensive programs and initiatives, we aim to create a lasting impact and foster success not only for individuals but also for organizations within their respective fields. Together, we can make a difference and contribute to the growth and prosperity of individuals and the wider professional community.

Guidance & Counseling

Assist individuals in making informed decisions, overcoming challenges, and achieving personal and professional growth.

Certifications & Licenses

Comprehensive assistance and guidance in obtaining various reputable certifications and licenses in their field of interest.

Practical Training

Hands-on practical training to individuals seeking to enhance their skills and gain valuable experience in their respective fields.

Together We Thrive

We participate in various projects, programs, and events that aim to create positive change and address the needs of our community.

Discovered Paths
Inner peace
Bright Future

Why should I join SevenHills Academy?

Getting support from Seven Hills Academy as you progress in your career can provide numerous benefits and advantages.

  • Professional Development: We offer a range of programs, courses, and training opportunities designed to enhance your professional skills and knowledge.
  • Mentorship and Guidance: Our academy provides access to experienced mentors who can offer valuable guidance and advice based on their own career experiences.
  • Networking Opportunities: Through Seven Hills Academy, you can connect with professionals from various industries and build a strong network of like-minded individuals.
  • Access to Resources: As a member of Seven Hills Academy, you gain access to a wealth of resources, including research materials, industry reports, online libraries, and learning materials.
  • Personal Growth and Confidence: Participating in programs and receiving support from Seven Hills Academy can contribute to your personal growth and enhance your self-confidence.
  • Recognition and Credibility: Being associated with Seven Hills Academy can enhance your professional reputation and credibility. 
Uncover Your Path,

Embrace Your Journey

The privilege of connecting with seasoned professionals who share the same professional language and expertise provides invaluable guidance in navigating the path towards our goals. These experienced individuals offer unique insights and perspectives that illuminate the way forward, as well as the necessary tools and skills required to achieve our objectives. By engaging with these mentors, we gain a clear understanding of the trajectory we need to follow and the essential competencies we need to cultivate in order to succeed. Their wisdom and expertise become a guiding light, empowering us to make informed decisions, set meaningful goals, and acquire the necessary resources to embark on a successful journey in our chosen field.

Nurturing Inner Peace,

Embrace Serenity

As we continue to advance in our careers, there is a profound sense of fulfillment and enrichment that comes from the gratifying experience of assisting others and integrating this value into our daily lives. This journey transcends mere personal success and professional achievements, as it delves into the very essence of our humanity and our innate capacity to make a positive impact on the lives of others. By embracing the opportunity to help, support, and uplift those around us, we unlock a deeper sense of purpose and meaning, allowing us to create a lasting and meaningful legacy that extends far beyond our individual achievements.

Empowering Brilliance

Inspiring Progress

It is important to understand that solely attaining success in one’s career does not guarantee lasting happiness. Life’s fulfillment relies on striking a delicate balance across all aspects, recognizing that true contentment emerges from both personal achievement and being a positive influence in the lives of others. By finding purpose and joy in serving others, in addition to achieving personal success, you can create a future that is not only bright but also deeply meaningful. This harmonious combination of making a positive impact on those around you while pursuing your own goals will contribute to a rich and fulfilling journey through life.


Our main emphasis is on supporting and empowering university students pursuing Business and related disciplines.

Graduated & Professional

Our key partners consist of recent university graduates and individuals seeking professional advancement opportunities.

Scholarships & Internships

We provide a range of scholarships and internships to provide invaluable support our youth in their professional journeys.

Donation helps us

Your generous donations and support will make a lasting impact on the lives of our youth, and your contributions will be gratefully remembered and appreciated in the future.

Donations are in three simple steps

Transparency and accountability are paramount to our foundation. As a testament to our commitment, Donations received are allocated in three primary ways:


Scholarships and Vocational Training

Providing scholarships to deserving individuals, helping them pursue their education or vocational training.


Events and Engagements

Organizing various events, meetings, seminars, and conferences. These gatherings serve as platforms for sharing knowledge, fostering dialogue, and creating networking opportunities.


Community Initiatives

The remaining portion of the donations is invested in community initiatives and projects.

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