SevenHills Academy offers a variety of scholarships and fellowships designed to help you and your family pay for your career. Scholarships and grants are types of gift aid that do not have to be repaid. They may take the form of SevenHills Academy scholarships, federal or state grants, or outside scholarships.

Scholarships Sources

SevenHills Academy's Scholarships

SevenHills Academy offers a diverse range of scholarships and fellowships that are funded through our own resources and the generous contributions of donors.

Federal & State Grant Programs

We actively seek grants and awards from both the Federal and state governments to fulfill our mission and make a positive impact on society.

Outside Entities’ Scholarships

Scholarships provided by corporations and businesses, other non-profit organizations, professional associations, or Civic and Community Groups.

Our Scholarship Program;

Our program is aimed at recognizing and supporting students’ academic achievements, financial needs, and potential to contribute positively to their chosen fields of study and society as a whole.

  • Merit-Based Scholarships: These scholarships are aimed at recognizing students who have excelled in their studies, maintained high grades, and displayed a strong commitment to their education.
  • Need-Based Scholarships: We understand that financial constraints can pose a significant barrier to students' educational aspirations. To address this, we offer need-based scholarships to students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Specific Field Scholarships: In addition to our general scholarships, we also offer scholarships tailored to specific fields of study.

Selection and Notification

Once the application period closes, our selection committee carefully reviews all applications and evaluates them based on the defined criteria for each scholarship. Shortlisted candidates may be invited for interviews or additional evaluations if necessary. Final decisions are made based on the overall merit or need of the applicants. Successful scholarship recipients will be notified directly through email or by other means of communication.

Featured Student (Scholarship)

The scholarship requirements for SevenHills Academy vary depending on the specific program. However, to be eligible for a scholarship, you must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree program at a university. Additionally, you need to meet the eligibility criteria set by SevenHills Academy, which may include specific credit requirements for the scholarship.

Contact For Scholarship

We are opn on Monday – Friday at 11am and 3pm, except on holidays.

Charlie’s Admissions Center

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Bothell, WA 98011-8246

Phone : +1-3425-2335-44

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to repay scholarships?

Scholarships are generally considered a form of “gift aid” and do not require repayment. However, it is crucial to thoroughly review the terms and conditions of the scholarship to ascertain whether there are any specific provisions regarding the continuation or refund requests.

How do I apply for scholarships?

To apply for scholarships, you need to fill out our application form on the website. The application may require you to submit personal information, academic records, essays, recommendation letters, and other supporting documents.

When should I start applying for scholarships?

It is recommended to start researching and applying for scholarships as early as possible. Some scholarship applications may have early deadlines, while others may have multiple application cycles throughout the year. Starting early gives you more time to gather necessary documents, write compelling essays, and submit your applications before the deadlines.

How can I increase my chances of winning a scholarship?

To increase your chances of winning a scholarship, focus on maintaining strong academic performance, actively participating in extracurricular activities, volunteering in your community, and demonstrating leadership skills. Additionally, tailor your scholarship applications to highlight your unique qualities and experiences, and proofread your application materials thoroughly before submission.

Can I apply for multiple scholarships?

Yes, you can apply for multiple scholarships. In fact, it is encouraged to apply for as many scholarships as you qualify for to maximize your chances of receiving financial aid. Keep track of deadlines and ensure you meet the specific requirements for each scholarship application.